DRAGON / PENSKE AUTOSPORT is pleased to announce that Nico Müller will pilot the #6 Penske EV-5 in the seventh season of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

This season will be the Swiss Driver’s second season in the all-electric series and his first season competing in an FIA World Championship. The extension of Müller’s program with DRAGON is part of a long-term strategy led by Jay Penske to bring his squad back to the front of the most competitive grid in international motorsport. Having quickly become a core part of the Team throughout the truncated 2019/2020 season, Nico continued to play a pivotal role in developing the software and other controls systems throughout the summer and fall to prepare the PENSKE AUTOSPORT package for the start of Season 7 in January.

On staying with the American Team, Nico said that “there have been many learnings from my first Formula E Season. Since we race on city streets, the surfaces vary substantially within the track and evolve during the race day, which provides an additional challenge. Also, energy management is equally demanding and an area where we hone our software to make the car as fast and efficient as possible. Together with the Team, we received many invaluable lessons, and even though we would have preferred to transform our learnings into points, I still feel it made us much, much stronger as a team.”

Looking into the new season, Nico added, “I am very much looking forward to my second season with DRAGON. We have shown on multiple instances that the potential is there, and in our second season, we want to convert this into the results we know we all deserve. The whole Team is very hungry for it, and we will never stop pushing and improving ourselves. I embrace the attitude everyone in the Team has – we never give up even in the tougher times as we fight the biggest names in this Championship.”

Müller concluded that “Formula E is a completely new world that opened up to me during Season 6. Becoming an official FIA World Championship is very well deserved for the series. Having this official classification now is great for the teams and the drivers because it recognizes the level of the sport. We are all very proud to be chasing a world title here in Formula E. That is what we are all here for – we are here to win, and to say we are chasing a world championship makes the hunger even greater.”

Jay Penske, Owner and Team Principal of DRAGON / PENSKE AUTOSPORT, said that “I am very pleased that our alliance with Nico will continue. Nico provided invaluable feedback throughout a challenging rookie season that we built into this year’s package. With the combination of his technical feedback, inherent race craft, and the additional resources we are bringing to the table to support the Team, I am confident that we will give him a more competitive package for 2021. I expect him to deliver solid results during his second season in Formula E.”