GEOX DRAGON Pilots’ Brendon Hartley and Nico Müller, pulled the covers back on the car with GEOX Founder and President, Mario Moretti Polegato, following a round table discussion about sustainability, and how organizations can and are working to reduce their ecological impact on the world.

The iconic location for the unveiling underscores the Team’s commitment to sustainability that will form a crucial part of the Team’s mission off track this season. Together with their partners, the American headquartered outfit will embark on several initiatives to further reduce their environmental impact while increasing awareness for critical environmental issues facing people not just in the cities in which the Team will race, but all around the world. The presentation was an opportunity to discuss themes relating to sustainable mobility across a round featuring: Matteo Mascazzini (Geox’s CEO), Massimo Leonardo (PWC, Director), Andrea Stocchetti (Ca’ Foscari University Professor), Jamie Reigle (Formula E, CEO) along with the members of the Geox Dragon Team.

Massimo Leonardo, Director of Strategy& (PWC), highlighted that “electric mobility is a strategic lever and a solution to the growing need for sustainable cities in Italy” in the course of the discussion. “Italy is still at a disadvantage because it lags behind other European countries. However, enterprises from the automotive industry and the energy sector are investing substantial amounts in sustainable and digital technology. Even though the number of electric-car registrations is still quite low, the number of registrations is climbing rapidly.” Massimo added that “Formula E is necessary if we are to achieve the objectives that Italy has set itself in the National Energy and Climate Plan of 6 million electric cars in 2030.”

Season 6 will be the first season in the history of Formula E, where GEOX DRAGON will stand alone as the sole independent entry fielding its own PENSKE AUTOSPORT powertrain, against a full field of factory-supported entrants. The livery of the Season 6 car is an evolution of the Team’s Season 5 livery, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit that has come to define the Penske led organization.

Every sense of conventional livery design was abandoned to create something disruptive and unique. The livery purposely disregards the lines and surfaces of the car to create silhouettes with negative space on the chassis. The approach to the design was taken from a whole new perspective, creating a shape that speaks to the elevated vantage points in the urban environments where the PENSKE EV-4 will compete. The design also features a dramatic ‘X’ draped over the entire car representing both the Team’s title partner “GEOX,” those unique factors that differentiate GEOX DRAGON from every other race team on the grid.

Brendon Hartley, the driver of the #6 PENSKE EV-4, commented that “I am thrilled to be lining up in this car next week in Diriyah. The livery is unlike anything else in racing, and I could not be more excited to share the finished product.” His teammate, Nico Müller, added that “GEOX DRAGON has a legacy of spectacular liveries in Formula E and IndyCar before it. This design exemplifies that legacy. I cannot wait to get behind the wheel of my #7 PENSKE EV-4 next week to start the season.”

GEOX Founder and Chairman, Mario Moretti Polegato, said that “Geox’s involvement in Formula E is part of its sustainability and environmental-protection project along with its partnership with the WWF,
and other initiatives focused on improving the climate and peoples’ living conditions. It is also a meaningful technological investment because the races are a testing ground where we can develop and assess new technologies. We innovate by applying GEOX technology to the drivers and the team. This project is particularly relevant for the breathability of our apparel and helps us improve our breathable shoes – a concept which gave rise to our top piece of breathable technology – Aerantis, which can be found in our stores all over the world.”

Jay Penske, Owner of GEOX DRAGON and PENSKE AUTOSPORT, added that “this season is a landmark season for the Team and the championship. The entire organization has done tremendous work throughout last season and during the offseason to get us to this point, and I am pleased to be racing a livery that really represents our approach, our principles, and our spirit. I look forward to the start of the season next week in Diriyah.”